Media Interview Training: Intermediate Session (most popular)

The Intermediate Session is our most popular training option. It's geared toward those individuals who may be called upon to represent their organizations in the media. Participants may have some level of media relations or communications experience, but it is not a prerequisite. Participants will enhance their media relations knowledge base, develop their expertise and receive intensive, hands-on experience conducting simulated interviews based on real issues their company may need to deal with in the media. 

What Participants Will Learn

  • The three drivers of news and how to use them to craft your company's story,
  • How to anticipate the questions you'll be asked by a reporter,
  • How to craft compelling messages that will tell your company's story and resonate with reporters,
  • What reporters are looking for and how to use that information to your advantage,
  • Your 'rights' in a media interview and how to defend them,
  • A step-by-step guide for how to prepare for a media interview, (print, radio and TV),
  • Threats to effective media relations and how to overcome them,
  • How to keep every media interview to approximately five minutes in length,
  • Infamous gaffes, common missteps and how to avoid them,
  • How to gain more control over your quotes that end up in the story,
  • Tried and true tips and techniques for succeeding in media interviews,
  • How to conduct media relations in a crisis situation,
  • How social media is impacting media relations and what you need to know to protect your company's brand,
  • How to improve your organization's media relations processes,
  • And much more.

*Session content can be customized to accommodate any specific requirements or learning objectives.


Like all of our media training sessions, the Intermediate session is divided into the following three main parts. However, the subject matter is more advanced than the Introductory Session, the scope of the session content is more broad and the simulated interviews are more intense and challenging for participants:

  1. Laying the Foundation: In this engaging and interactive introduction, participants will learn the fundamentals of successful media relations and the real-world techniques for succeeding in media interviews. Includes entertaining case studies and video clips of cautionary tales and exemplary performances.
  2. Hypothetical Interview Scenarios and Message Development: Each participant is given a detailed, customized interview scenario based on their specific role within their organization. Using the techniques from the first part of the day, the group (with support from the facilitator) crafts their messages for their upcoming interviews. Messages are read aloud, stress-tested and enhanced prior to the interviews.
  3. Simulated Media Interviews: Each participant will conduct simulated media interviews in print, radio and/or TV formats. Interviews are conducted by veteran journalists and are exceedingly realistic. We also use a full-size TV style video camera with professional lighting and hand-held mic for maximum realism. Each simulated interview is followed by a detailed and constructive analysis, including specific feedback and tips for improvement.

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