Great service means satisfied clients. Here's what some of Warren's are saying:

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"We hired Warren to media train our senior management team as we prepared to launch an entirely new brand platform and embark on the single largest fundraising campaign in Canadian healthcare history. He has a way of putting everyone at ease while simultaneously pushing them to perform beyond what's familiar to them. He helped our experienced spokespeople fine tune a few skills and equipped other senior leaders to become so comfortable with media interviews that it has contributed to the global profile we've recently received. His approach to training is real and relevant and he uses current examples that participants are familiar with from their news feeds. His presentation and interview style will prepare your spokespeople for even the toughest of media interviews and to successfully get your messages out there. Seriously, save your time in researching other providers and sourcing three quotes. Warren puts in the time to research your sector, organization and spokespeople to develop training sessions that are customized to your participants, ensuring everyone gets the most out of it. - Sandra Chiovitti, Director, Public Relations, SickKids Foundation


"Warren is one of the most knowledgeable communications experts I have ever met. I spent an entire morning and afternoon with Warren for a 1-day intensive media training session. He taught me effective strategies to prepare for various media interview situations, including telephone, radio and television. We then went through dressed rehearsals where he had an actual journalist phone in for a 'mock interview' and he even brought out a full-size video camera with lights and everything to teach me best practices for on-camera appearances. I learned an unbelievable amount and am significantly more confident in my ability to take on media interviews." - Mark Hayes, Head of Public Relations, Shopify

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“We had the pleasure of working with Warren as an executive team at Kids Help Phone. After doing the obligatory reference check, speaking to three of his former clients, it became apparent that Warren was the media training partner we needed. “Game changing” was a quote that came back from those that had worked with him before. As we prepared to embark on a significant new chapter at Kids Help Phone, there was a need to retrain some of our more experienced spokespeople, while training others on the executive team to be first-time and ongoing spokespeople. Warren’s approach is highly engaging, practical and pragmatic. He goes way beyond the theory of media and gets down to putting skills and learning into action in a safe environment. We also developed real-world scenarios as part of the training, making it time even more well spent, as weeks later, we used some of the scenarios we worked through in the session. His follow up with detailed personal analysis of video and audio interviews was very helpful and a resource we are still drawing from. He also did some follow up training with some of our key executive team members to refresh skills once they had a chance to put them into practice. I would highly, highly recommend Warren to anyone looking to do work that involves getting a better understanding of the media space and setting your team up for success as spokespeople.” - Mark Jordan, VP Brand Strategy & Communications, Kids Help Phone

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“We’ve worked with Warren twice now to media train a handful of senior staff on our North American team, and each time was an informative, useful and fun experience. The entire process, from setting up our sessions to the follow-up afterwards, has been seamless. Not only does Warren break down each session in a way that is easy to digest and understand for all involved, but he also makes what could be an awkward or stressful situation for some an enjoyable experience. It was clear he did his research into our industry beforehand and crafted the exercises accordingly. His sessions were a perfect mix of learning best practices for media interviews and practicing the skills we had learned in real-time with a real reporter. Our PR team and spokespeople are much better equipped to handle media opportunities, and we’ve used Warren’s tips and suggestions during multiple broadcast and phone interviews since then, with great results.” - Nicole Powell, Senior PR Manager, Intrepid Group North America


"Warren has been a trusted communications partner to the team at RPNAO since 2006, helping us with a wide range of marketing, media relations and PR activities. Over that time, he’s helped us to significantly increase the public’s awareness of the important work done by Ontario’s registered practical nurses (RPNs). It was amazing how quickly he adapted his work and approach to fit the unique culture of both our association and the health care system of Ontario. Warren has also proven himself as our de facto media trainer, having provided a number of full-day courses to our Board of Directors and staff. Everyone who takes part agrees the sessions are as entertaining as they are informative. And the simulated interviews provide our directors and team members with valuable, concrete skills so that everyone has the know-how to engage in more strategic and disciplined media interviews." - Dianne Martin, Executive Director, Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO)


“We worked with Warren to train a cross-section of staff to be ‘media ready’. What Warren delivered was an in-depth and practical training that truly helped us understand the preparation it takes to pull off a good media interview. Warren taught us how to listen for any underlying biases in questions, like negative language, and how to stay on message even when the interviewer may appear to be pulling you in a different direction. Our team developed six mock scenarios, one for each person in the training, and Warren came prepared to guide us through each one in a detailed, hands-on working session. He created a highly engaging, interactive and rewarding one-day experience and his follow-up critique of each workshop participant’s mock on-camera interview was thorough and provided salient insights. Warren’s professionalism and passion for his work is evident. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!” - Jacqui DeBique, Communications & Knowledge Transfer Manager, Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO)


“Centerra Gold engaged with Warren Weeks to develop and deliver on a communications and media training program for our leadership team. With a goal of not only focusing on building media relations competencies, but also in a growing general communications and presentation confidence, Warren was the ideal partner for us. His approach of balancing conceptual learning with real-life experience and a strong focus on practical application and role play, allowed us to very concisely and effectively offer a program to meet the needs of our key business leaders. I highly recommend Warren for media, communications and related training or coaching, whether on camera or off. Our organization would welcome working with Warren again when the need arises.” - Geoff Ramey, Vice President, Human Resources, Centerra Gold


"In any partner relationship, the biggest factor is trust. Warren earned it in abundance. His real-world stories and presentation style manage to make a potentially daunting topic relatable to the audience and calmed the nerves or our attendee, who left feeling empowered and energized. Warren helped to train our team for some upcoming on-camera marketing videos, but also in-person event executions to follow. All of the training was customized for our immediate goals and the takeaways will benefit the participants for years to follow. He was professional, personable, persuasive. We look forward to working with him again." - Drew Campbell, Vice President of Marketing, Weight Watchers Canada

"We engaged Warren Weeks to conduct executive media training for our senior team, including some Board members, expected good, got GREAT. The day-long session exceeded our expectations in every way! Warren shared funny, real-life anecdotes, had relevant examples and pushed the 'comfort zone' of our team the entire day. The coaching was focused and the videos of our 'scenario' practice really drove his points home. At the end, we all felt, without exception, that it was an investment of time and money which will serve us well. We now think of Warren as part of our team and won't hesitate to call him for advice, should the need arise." - Wendy Watson, Communications Officer, Greater Sudbury Utilities

"I am honoured to recommend Warren for any organization that requires media or video training. Warren has been instrumental in the success of Responsible Distribution Canada as a facilitator and speaker at our conferences. His experience and generosity of self is an asset to all associations and organizations of any size. I have personally benefitted from the sharing Warren has done at conferences and the individual media training he gave to RDC's board of directors and senior management. He is an engaging and realistic speaker, which is what secured his presentation to RDC. Warren's background and knowledge would be of great value to any organization." - Cathy Campbell, President, Responsible Distribution Canada


"Never confuse a media interview with a conversation. Speak in soundbites. Beware of the pregnant pause. Never parrot back a reporter's questions. These were the key lessons I learned from Warren and have since put into practice when working with the media. Highly recommend Warren and putting your executive team through their paces. You'll be in very good hands." - Jay Robb, Director of Communications, Mohawk College


“The media training session Warren Weeks facilitated for AdvantAge Ontario stands out as one of the best education sessions I have ever attended. The afternoon practice session with actual journalists was of tremendous benefit and now I feel more confident for it/when the time comes to participate in a media interview. I am armed with practical knowledge and fully appreciate the careful preparation that is required to professionally represent myself and my organization in a media event. I would encourage any leader to participate in this training!” - Renee Guder, RN, MA, Lead Administrator, Thrive Group

"We asked Warren to spend a day with us to train several of our staff to handle media interviews in anticipation of our first major press release. Warren's enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and great sense of humour made for a very useful and productive day. His guidance in creating 'key speaking points', keeping the tone of the interview 'conversational' while at all times remembering that interviews are not conversations and exposing us to mock interviews for print, radio and television was very helpful and entertaining. And it worked! Our press release was incredibly successful and over the course of a week, we had print, TV and radio interviews, including a national news television interview. We felt prepared, assured and ready to handle anything that was asked of us. I would strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Warren for any media training activities that you require. Your staff and your organization's reputation will be all the better for doing so." - Phil Enright, President & CEO, ClearView Strategic Partners Inc

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"Warren is the consummate professional. His training is highly engaging and productive. His 'secret sauce' is his ability to put his audience at ease with his storytelling narrative that is not only fun to listen to, but very insightful. The team at Merrell was completely pumped and ready to tackle any media opportunity by the end of the session. I highly recommend Warren to any organization that seeks tangible results." - Nicole Patterson, Marketing, Merrell Canada

"Warren is hands-down one of the best facilitators I have had the pleasure to learn from. He is devoted to uncovering and addressing his clients' most pressing needs. His workshops and courses deliver immediately actionable strategies that help improve communication, mitigate risk and strengthen reputation. There is no 'nice to know' in Warren's sessions. He packs more of the essentials into his sessions than others I have worked with, yet his material is well thought-out and presented simply. After participating in a recent training session, I saw an instant improvement in the quality of my work and the speed with which I dove into it." - Ted Flitton, Base Reputation Management

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"When we began looking for media training specialists in the GTA, we wanted to find someone that was flexible and able to tailor their instruction to our needs as a national non-profit. From the moment we contacted Warren, he was helpful and engaging. He walked us through the process and made us comfortable with our decision. When we began our training, he was clearly the best choice we could have made. The theoretical portion of his program was infused with personality and enthusiasm. Our questions, often very specific, were well addressed. The hands-on component of his teaching was extremely well directed and incredibly realistic. Warren created an effective media simulation in the comfort of our office." - Zack Leighton, Executive Director, Canadian Independent Recording Artists' Association


"Warren delivered a fast-paced, informative and creative webinar on social media strategies for our members. The 90-minute session provided lots of practical tips that attendees could implement immediately as well as some strategies that they could explore over the long term. He made time to answer participant questions and suggest additional resources. The session was a high and was very well-received by participants. Warren was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to book him again. I am happy to recommend him as a speaker." - Danielle Lamothe, Director of Education, Canadian Society of Association Executives

"Warren Weeks provided an instructive and entertaining dull day training session for our junior staff. His method and approach were a great fit for these inexperienced staffers, who are very knowledgeable in the subject area of their work but lacked confidence. Warren was great at demystifying the media and preparing them to speak with authority to interviewers, but also to any audience they might find themselves addressing. Warren was well-prepared to deliver a tailored session, with immediately relatable examples and practice scenarios that were realistic and staff were able to implement within days of the training. Highly recommended! - Megan Lorius, Director of Operations and Communications, Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

"Warren is one of those rare speakers who strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and information. He kept a large group of diverse, executive-level spokespeople consistently interested and engaged over an eight-hour media training session. I was impressed with the value that Warren’s experience as both a journalist and a PR professional lent to his training. His media training went well beyond textbook instruction because he was able to provide practical tips and tricks based on his real-life experience in the trenches. I received excellent feedback from our spokespeople about Warren’s training and I know that they all now feel much more comfortable engaging with the media.- Joanne Morrison, Manager, Marketing Communications, Aditya Birla Minacs

"As co-organizer of a cross-Canada meeting to discuss how best the scientific research community should respond to a recent government report, we realized that effective communication with the media was going to be key in getting our message out. We invited Warren based on his stellar reputation in this area but also because he lives what he says. He is a phenomenal communicator and is able to get across the important lessons and approaches in a compelling manner. His approach and content is scalable and he has a remarkable ability to judge his audience. As a consequence, his session was not only entertaining but it has a profound influence in changing peoples' views. As scientists, we generally suck at telling our stories. This has degraded both support of what we do and led to distrust. I know every scientist would benefit from listening to Warren, as would anyone who either wants or especially those who have to interact with members of the media. Five stars! - Dr. Jim Woodgett, Director of Research, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute

"Warren created a social media training session for our company that was meaningful and most importantly brought about a cultural shift in our company's approach to connecting with our customers. And he did this all in a 60-minute session.  I would encourage anyone to use Warren to inspire your team to effectively use social media." - Jeremy Lenk, Executive Vice-President and ReSource Group Canada

"Warren had two challenges with our media training. First some participants had somewhat inflexible views on how to handle the media and second we are a training outfit and we expected nothing less than the application of adult education best practices. Warren met both challenges with a fun and stimulating approach." - Larry Moore, Chief Executive Officer, Walkerton Clean Water Centre

"Thank you Warren for an engaging and stimulating media training workshop. You made the case studies come alive with excellent preparation for the simulated interviews. Your ideas and guidance throughout the day made it a most worthwhile investment of our time and money. I look forward to putting the lessons learned into practice." - Ted Fransen, Assistant Superintendent, Pembina Trails School Division

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"We brought in Warren to conduct TRIEC's first-ever media training for our Professional Immigrant Network (PINs) leaders. He was a consummate professional and excellent to work with in our preparation leading up to the full-day session. Everyone in the room that day was impressed by his energy, knowledge and delivery. He demonstrated a superior capacity to listen to each participant and provide individualized assistance within a group setting. Many of the leaders who participated in the training are already putting his lessons into practice and with great success! I would recommend Warren to any organization seeking a media training professional to engage their staff." - Dr. Catherine Chandler-Crichlow, Board Chair, Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

"Warren has provided Ernestine's with strategic guidance and in-depth training on media relations. He is thoroughly grounded in his craft and his delivery is both engaging and sensitive to his audience. He has proved to be an invaluable resource to us on many occasions. I can honestly say that if a reporter calls, I do not clutch my heart in fear. Rather, I go back to my training, focus myself on key messaging and take control. Thank you, Warren.- Jill Cunningham, Co-Director at Ernestine's Women's Shelter

"CSMLS was impressed with Warren's extensive knowledge of PR practices. The training session was valuable and immediately applicable to all levels of our organization, team leaders, director and executive director." - Michelle Hoad, Director, Marketing, Communications and Membership, Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science

"Warren provided media training for our executive board members. He put everyone at ease, explained his approach thoroughly and gave everyone a chance to test out their skills - providing constructive criticism to each individual. It was a valuable exercise delivered by someone with demonstrated experience and confidence in his field."Melissa Carlaw, Manager of Communications and Public Relations, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

"Warren provided a high energy, engaging and informative media training presentation to a group of Registered Dietitians. The combination of 'how-to' and excellent facilitation and critique of simulated, over-the-phone interviews (with a seasoned journalist) left the group feeling more confident in handling future media interactions. We would certainly use Warren again for future media training and I would highly recommend him if your organization is looking to gain confidence in this area."- Honey Bloomberg, Registered Dietitian, EatRight Ontario

"Warren is a consummate and full-service communications professional. I have hired him repeatedly for a wide range of services (from white papers to media training) and he always exceeds expectations, whether in terms of speed, writing quality or business insights - and frequently all three at once. Quite simply, Warren is known in our shop as a partner who delivers and who makes us look good every time." - Martha Hancock, Senior Manager, Marketing, Business Financial Services, RBC Royal Bank

"Working with Warren couldn't have been easier. With very little consultation he developed an entertaining, relevant and issue-specific media training workshop that appealed to a wide variety of staff, media experience levels and geographically-diverse member organizations. He was able to balance theory with practice and provided participants a strong base with which to face the media. We'd work with him again and recommend him to any sector. He not only knows his stuff, he knows how to captivate an audience. We received nothing but praise for the workshops and session evaluations were through the roof." - Tina Kilbourne, Source Water Protection Communications, Conservation Ontario

"We were impressed by the level of service and detail that Warren brought to our training session and would certainly recommend Warren to other groups that require assistance in dealing with the media for press releases, interviews and public relations." - Jim Skeoch, Senior Sales Specialist and AIM Environmental Group

"I was extremely pleased with the high professional standards and creativity Warren portrayed throughout our training session. He provided us with a customized program based on an assessment of our needs and he worked with us to ensure we had a solid understanding of the principles of media relations and presentation techniques. I felt the role playing exercise was particularly beneficial and I was impressed with Warren's ability to create a realistic environment for this process. I would not hesitate to recommend Warren Weeks for media training and I would certainly use his services again." - Brent Farr, Executive Director, Community Care Durham

"Warren came to Loblaw at the perfect time. With a newly-expanded Public Relations and Corporate Affairs team in place, the opportunity to synchronize messaging and hone critical thinking and interviewing skills was welcome and necessary.

From the get-go, Warren and his team intrigued us and forced us to examine our own perceptions of media interactions, including analyzing our interview skills and coping mechanisms for potentially stressful situations that arise in our industry. The opportunity to learn through discussion topics created by our own team was helpful and a great learning for how we can improve in future media relations. In addition, partnering us up to deal with media inquiries unrelated to our exact field at Loblaw was challenging and enabled all team members to catch a glimpse of how other team members functioned and how we can perhaps be of future assistance to each other.

The mock TV and telephone interview scenarios were both challenging and fun. Despite that fact that it was clearly a fabricated interview, Warren and the team did an excellent job at simulating the real-life pace of a difficult media interview and helped to pinpoint both positive behaviors (verbal and body language) and offered constructive criticism in their analysis of our responses.

All in all, Warren created an extremely positive, helpful session and managed to hold the entire team's attention despite the length of the all day session, with his knowledge, humour and enthusiasm. The team benefited greatly from their training and looks forward to applying their tips in real-life scenarios." - The Communications Team at Loblaw Companies Ltd.

"Participants in Warren's media training workshop that we hosted indicated that the scenarios used by organizers were relevant to the participants' organizations and personal responsibilities, helped to improve their ability to manage media inquiries and provided skills that they will be able to use on a regular basis. Warren was a well-organizes and personable facilitator."- Jane Lewington, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Conservation Ontario

"Warren has provided us training on communications and media relations. Not only informative, but fun and interesting. I actually attended the training a second time around in order to ensure that I gained as much as possible from his session. Warren is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise and generous in sharing his knowledge and insights. Training is broken down into digestible components of practical information, examples and role-playing scenarios. He is very adept at making participants feel comfortable while underlining the importance of good media and communications training. I have already successfully used the skills and techniques acquired through Warren's workshop and recommend him highly for these sessions and for his firm grasp in the communications and media relations field."- Jeff Element, President, The Travel Corporation

"Warren conducted a media training session for our senior executives at a time when engaging the right trainer was important to help us plan for dealing with some rather sensitive issues. Warren was absolutely the right choice. He worked with us to develop content that was just what we needed. His simulated interviews of our executives gave them the personal experience with a variety of journalistic questions and potential traps. His advice and critique were supportive and thoughtful, evidence of his thorough understanding of the media and how our organization should plan for engagement that will help us achieve our goals. I plan to use Warren again and would recommend him to anyone who is very particular about getting superior results."- Ken Neale, Manager, Corporate Communications, The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

"Our company hired Warren to conduct media training for three senior staff members. As a chemical company operating 14 manufacturing plants across North America, we needed trained senior people to handle media relations in potential crisis situations. By listening to our requests in a preliminary interview, Warren customized the training to reflect the needs and concerns of our company. The participants were impressed with how informative the session was and found practicing simulated interviews very beneficial. We can confidently recommend Warren as a professional media training consultant and expert in his field."- Rebecca Perkins, Dynea

"Warren Weeks runs an excellent media relations program for individuals and companies. He brings great insights and relevant examples to make his sessions interactive. I would gladly recommend Warren's media training sessions for anyone who likes interactive sessions." - Prafulla Prabhu, Centennial College

"The media interview simulations were extremely valuable and were about as good as it can get without conducting a real interview. The use of examples from the media also really helped. It was a good mix of learning and entertainment."- Sean Marsell, Manager, HSE Systems, Sanofi Pasteur

"Warren Weeks gets things done. You can always count on him to deliver what he says he's going to deliver -- on time and consistently meeting the agreed requirements of the project at hand. He's very competent. His focus is always on the client. And he is a true professional of the highest integrity."- Murray Bender, Director, Marketing, RBC Investor Services

"Warren was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to work with him again. He 'gets' it. He's smart, intuitive, creative and most importantly, he listens."- Sarah Saso, Executive Director, Green Shield Canada Foundation

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