Presentation Training

It takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.
— Mark Twain

Warren has extensive experience providing individuals from a wide range of industries and sectors with the skills, tips and practical lessons required to handle presentations (both prepared and 'spontaneous') in a more professional, polished and entertaining manner. 


The objective of this full-day presentation skills training course is to provide participants with the skills, expertise and confidence to conduct more powerful presentations and to be more persuasive and memorable in public speaking engagements. While these sessions can be customized based on client needs, the typical session is divided into four parts:

Part 1 - Organization and Preparation Tips and Techniques

After a detailed consultation conducted prior to your session, the course will begin with an exploration of the importance of proper preparation. Warren will provide specific tips and techniques in a number of key areas, including:

  • The importance of starting to prepare early,
  • Starting with the 'end' in mind,
  • Knowing your audience,
  • Building on a foundation of solid content,
  • Keeping your presentation simple,
  • Creating an effective outline and structure,
  • The art of storytelling,
  • Building your confidence.

Part 2- Delivery Tips for Great Presentations

During this portion of the session, participants will learn specific tips for delivering effective presentations, including:

  • Showing your personality/passion in your presentation,
  • Starting on a strong note and building momentum,
  • Using a hand-held remote,
  • Appropriate use of body language,
  • Making the most of your voice,
  • Be gracious, courteous and professional,
  • How to practice your delivery,
  • Ending on a high note.

Part 3 - How to Use Visual Tools More Effectively

The third course segment focuses on effective use of visual aids, such as PowerPoint, Keynote or video. Warren will touch on a list of specific, proven techniques to help make the most of your visual aids to strengthen your overall presentation performance. Areas of focus will include:

  • Using slides to complement your presentation rather than relying on them as s crutch,
  • Rules for numbers of bullets, words per slide, proper fonts, point size, etc.
  • Limiting the number of transitions, animations,
  • The importance of investing in high-quality graphics and where to get them,
  • Using a custom template,
  • Appropriate use of charts,
  • How to incorporate audio/video for maximum impact.

Part 4 - Simulated Presentations

In this final stage of the training session, participants will be asked to make a brief presentation (e.g. 1 to 2 minutes) on predetermined topics (which will be determined approximately one week prior to the session). Each presentation will be videotaped and played back. Warren will provide a constructive critique, noting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Participants will then repeat their presentations incorporating this feedback.

*Session content can be customized to accommodate any specific requirements or learning objectives.

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