Episode 5 - Barbara Rybicka: Profile of a Medium

Psychic and Medium Barbara Rybicka

Psychic and Medium Barbara Rybicka

What happens after we die? Is death the end? Or do we and our loved ones live on some way? And if their souls do continue to live on, is it possible for us here on Earth to communicate with them? Today's guest would say our souls absolutely do continue to live on and that yes, we can definitely communicate with our loved ones after they've crossed over. 

Barbara Rybicka has been aware of spirits around her and has been able to communicate with them since her childhood. Over the years, she has honed this ability and has helped thousands of people all around the world to connect with their loved ones who have passed on to the 'other side'. 

Barbara is a fascinating woman. She's got a great energy about her. She's fiercely positive, she has a caring demeanor and she says the thing she loves most is using her special abilities to help others. 

You can find our more about Barbara or connect with her at her website. Thanks for listening!

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