Episode 1 - Erica Ehm

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Erica Ehm is a veteran of the Canadian music scene as well as a successful entrepreneur. But there's so much more you probably don't know about this Canadian icon. In this conversation with Warren, Erica talks about the secret to her success, what it was like to drive the members of U2 around in her mother's car, her famous interview with Kurt Cobain, the state of social media in 2018, tips for starting and running a successful business and much more.

Show Highlights

- How Erica forged a successful career in the music industry

- That time she drove the members of U2 around town in her mom's Firebird

- The behind-the-scenes account of her acclaimed interview with Kurt Cobain

- How she got into writing stage musicals

- Tips for anyone looking to start a successful business

- Her thoughts on the state of social media

- How she has recently restructured her company with the help of a new business partner

Here's Erica's interview with Kurt Cobain

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