Episode 2 - Sarah Johnston: How her worst day in business became a major turning point

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There are thousands of realtors in Canada but Sarah Johnston's story is a little bit different than most. After having been in the industry for 10 years and at the beginning of a downturn in her local market of Calgary, Alberta, she had a bad day. A really bad day. Two deals that she had been working on for months crashed and burned almost simultaneously. It was, as she describes it, the worst day of her professional career. But a seemingly inadvertent series of events one night in October of 2015 led to the birth of Sarah's personal brand and became a huge turning point in her career.

Show Highlights

- The accidental video clip that marked the beginnings of her personal brand

- Her thoughts on the real estate sector and why she sees competitors as colleagues and peers

- Why she thinks the scarcity principle is a myth

- The state of marketing in the real estate sector

- Sarah critiques my Instagram page and it isn't pretty

Here's the video of Sarah dancing to Billie Jean on the day she lost two deals

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