N.L. Premier Danny Williams blows up at reporter on live radio

Earlier this week, Danny Williams (Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador) called into a live radio show and got into a testy exchange with host Randy Simms. Williams called in specifically to criticize Simms for being 'too negative', just hours after the announcement of the approval of a multi-billion dollar offshore oil project.

Williams was apparently angered when the host asked what the Premier was going to do for the province's troubled forestry and fishing industries.

"It's irresponsible and reckless," Williams told Simms on air. "We don't need that kind of crap and pessimism coming out of your mouth. I refuse to listen to pessimists like you and we are going to move forward despite you."

The call ended with Williams hanging up on Simms.

This on-air blowup is getting a lot of play in the Canadian media. It also defeats one of the most basic principles of conducting effective media interviews: "Never get into an argument with a reporter." Not only did Williams get into an argument, he made a special phone call specifically to get into an argument with the on air host.