The Most Irritating PR Person in the World

I know. That seems like a pretty bold claim. But you have to see this video for yourself. Here's the set-up: ABC News reporter Dan Noyes is trying to interview an executive at Lagunda Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco. But the hospital's PR person, Marc Slavin, is running interference and trying to protect his executive from the media. In an extremely uncomfortable and sustained invasion of personal space, Slavin starts patting the reporter on the shoulder and introducing himself. Noyes asks the PR guy to stop touching him, which Slavin completely ignores. The very awkward exchange goes on for a few minutes, in which the reporter actually threatens to call the police. 

While this looks like a scene from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', it's really an example of what can happen when an executive who is afraid to speak with the media uses a poorly-equipped PR person as a human shield. Both of these folks (Slavin and his boss) should get themselves to PR Boot Camp pronto.