Great example of a local business that 'gets' how to use Twitter

Many companies, large and small, are doing social media wrong. And by far, the biggest mistake most businesses make is using Twitter like a giant fire hose, endlessly blasting out information about themselves and patting themselves on the back. "Click here! Read this! Sign up for our newsletter! Check out our sale!" This old-school 'push' marketing fails to tap into the most powerful aspects of social media, which are about creating relationships, generating discussions and dialogues and forming real, one-on-one connections with members of your audience. 

But every now and then, you'll see a story about a business that really 'gets' how to use social media platforms like Twitter to their full potential. The Globe and Mail ran a story a few months back about a Waterloo, Ontario car dealership (Schluter Automotive Group) that implemented a novel Twitter-based test drive campaign.

Under the program, potential customers are allowed to test drive a new vehicle for two full days. The catch? They test drivers have to tweet about their experience with the car. The company has seen some encouraging results from the promotion so far and says the neutral, third-party reviews are increasingly valuable. 

Read the complete story here.

Do you have any great examples of local businesses making great use of social media?