Jaymes Diaz's 'deer-in-the-headlights' TV interview

It's a textbook example of the importance of making time to prepare for your media interviews. Australian politician Jaymes Diaz was recently being interviewed by TV reporter John Hill when he was asked about his plan for addressing illegal migrants entering Australia by boat.

Diaz cites his party's "...six point plan to make sure that we do stop the  boats". When the journalist prompts Diaz for details, however, the politician is unable to recall even a single point.

Diaz tries to leave the topic several times. He suggests that he has answered the question. Yet the journalist is relentless in pushing him on the six points. Remember, it was Diaz, not the reporter, who introduced the idea of the six point plan. His subsequent inability to recall any of the points has helped the interview go viral and even earned Diaz a few minutes on The Daily Show last night. 

The exchange is as uncomfortable to watch as the gaffe was preventable. Incidents like this underscore the importance of boning up on your content and conducting practice interviews in private or with a media trainer before you face the media.

Diaz could have even had the six points written on an index card in his front pocket. While pulling out the card (or the plan he was clutching to his chest) and reading the points isn't ideal, it's better than this deer-in-the-headlights moment that continues to be ridiculed by the media, political pundits and comedians.