Don't use "we're in a boring business" as an excuse for weak social media efforts/results

One of the common cop outs for organizations to excuse their anemic social media efforts is to say, “we’re in a boring industry” or “what we do doesn’t translate well on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook”. It’s exactly that - a cop out. What your organization does has no direct impact on your ability to rock it on social media to further your mandate and connect with your audiences. There are a lot of ‘boring’ businesses out there that are doing an excellent job with their social media work (I refer to two of them in this video). There are also a lot of businesses in “sexy'“ industries that are seriously dropping the ball (I mention one of those here too).

It all comes down to leadership. For a decision-maker in the organization to say “this is something important that we need to be doing” and to then support that commitment with resources, training, equipment, etc.

The other important point from this video is that, even in 2019, it’s not too late to start.