Shoving reporters is not a great media strategy

Another day, another media circus around Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. CBC reporter Steven D'Souza just posted this Vine video of one of the Mayor's aides physically shoving reporters out of the way. As you can see from the video, this is pretty aggressive stuff. D'Souza said in a later tweet that the shoving was much worse inside the office area.

I can't remember seeing treatment of the media like this in Toronto (or Canada for that matter) at any time in the recent past. Rob Ford continues to come out with new scandals, new apologies, new inflammatory remarks, bobble-head signings, etc. and then wonders why the media keeps following him around?

In my media training sessions, I advise participants that simply getting into an argument with a reporter is a bad idea. I have never entertained the possibility of physical violence against the media because I just couldn't imagine it happening.

Yet, behold. 

As Rob Ford continues to scorch the traditional issues management playbook, I'm all out of predictions. Except for this one: "This story is still far from over."