Please throw your teleprompter in the garbage

OK that might sound a bit harsh. Teleprompters used to be a coveted and valued piece of video production equipment. But in 2019, you can see a corporate talking head who’s using a teleprompter from 100 feet away and the result is usually a soul crushing, boring video that you click out of as soon as you can. There’s a better way to get your spokesperson’s thoughts on video. A few thoughts on that in this video. Thanks for watching.

Lose the teleprompter!

Take a leap of faith and throw the teleprompter away (or at least sell it on eBay). When your executive does a corporate video reading from a teleprompter, they look stiff and stilted. There's something about reading from a screen that just takes the soul out of your videos. I know you want to stick to the script. But there's a better way.